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Saturday, February 08, 2003

I'm in music heaven.
Jaclyn's 3 Ways to Reach Music Euphoria:
1) Beatles A-Z Weekend
2) "Only in Dreams"
3) Listening to Coldplay while looking at the sky/dancing in the rain/ falling asleep/ etc.

I want to marry this man.
That is all.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Jaclyn has been receiving mail with return addresses titled "(Name) University" or "University of (Name)." Me, who had all these pessimistic views about never getting anywhere in life and dying a poor assistant manager of the local McDonald's. My life, it goes like 'dis...
"Ahh! I got a B in Calculus! That means I won't be in the top 5! That means I'm a horrible person! That means I won't go to college! That means I'll end up at AmPm filling the coffeepots and hooking up the hot dog warmer! I'll never get married! I'll die poor!"
And so on and so forth.
But lately, things have been looking up. The fact that I'm receiving these college letters far surpasses the fact that they all start out the same way, like "Wow, Jaclyn, have you ever though about expanding your horizons?" The other day I got brochures from Wesleyan and USC and an email from NYU, which is the best college I could never afford with my life.

DC is going there. Lucky duck.
I also got a packet in the mail from Willamette University only to find out that Michael Vincent's packet from the same place was stuck onto mine. That was really weird.I guess I'll give it to him tomorrow. I
The Theatre Company Meeting today might be one of my most embarrassing moments ever. My face has never felt so hot and red in my entire life. Marcus showed this video that Amy and I made back in November, about this kid who lost his costume pants at rehearsal. It seemed funny at the time, but I could hear crickets chirping when we showed it today. At least Elizabeth said she liked it.

Go see "Arsenic and Old Lace," tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday at 7 pm in the MP Auditorium! Guaranteed to be a hilarious time for all!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well, today was an interesting day. My day began well, when I crossed paths with a Very Beautiful Boy. This Very Beautiful Boy of whom I speak happens to be a Very Likable Boy as well, which officially categorizes him as Jaclyn Prospect of the Month. In my eyes, he looks not like this...

but like this...

He is very, very nice to me, and short as well- hence, his coolness factor has leaped all bounds.
I shall keep you posted, friends.
And now, for some closing notes...
Today, after a very long improv rehearsal, my dad picked me up in his 1984 Fleetwood Cadillac.
Trevor linked me! Joy!

Sunday, February 02, 2003

It sure has been quite a loooooong time! I've been mighty busy this past week. Over the weekend I had Church Camp in Prescott, which meant no computadoras por Jaclyn. It was actually a lot of fun besides the fact that the only other junior in the vast pool of sophomores was this "cool guy" who decided not to talk to me. I roomed with this girl who liked The Starting Line, Dashboard, and Something Corporate, so we had many a-chat about music and loving guys who play music and such. The other girl was Jenna, the girl I hung out with most. And then there was Eric and Matt, who are pretty cool. Overall, I've learned a lot about my religion in the past few days. While some of you may scoff at that, I like it.
Hmmm, let's see...What else has "gone down?"
I had my very first improv show on Thursday! I was really scared when I went to set up before the show. My knees were shaking and I had a really bad tummy ache. Oh tummy, how you fail me so. For some reason, improv has always been the scariest thing about theatre, worse than singing a solo in a musical or even falling down dangerous stairs in red pumps. There seems to be this dreadful silence right before DC or Matt calls my name to go up onstage, and once I hear it called, I can't back down. But with my Intensely Mad Skills, I managed to do well on Thursday. Afterwards, I had enough adrenaline to get me through chapter 7 in my math book (thanks Sunil for your tutelage once again).
Well, it looks like this entry is winding down. I promise I won't let any more weeklong breaks hinder my bloggin' mission.
In memory...

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