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Saturday, February 15, 2003


The Boys are back in town! (Courtesy of

Friday, February 14, 2003


Happy Valentine's Day!
Unfortunately, I was not at school today, so I let down the countless throngs of studly men who were planning on finally confessing their undying love for me. Sorry, boys. Maybe next year.
To all my friends who had valentines: I hope you had a good day! I, unfortunately, have never had a "valentine." For some reason, I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Oh day.
I could say that Valentine's Day was created by the corporate slimeballs of the greeting card industry. Then I remember that it's named after a saint. Of course, it could be a holiday created by the corporate slimeballs of the Catholic greeting card industry, but I seriously doubt it. I'm Catholic, and if it was created for our benefit, I wouldn't be sitting here in front of my computer eating Ramen, but rather out on the town celebrating sinlessly with some guy. Preferably one who's nice-looking, with a taste for sushi and sweet sweet (celibate) lovin.
Oh, the Catholicism of it all.
I went to Fry's and bought myself the Ramen when I decided to be that kid who gorges themself with food out of sheer sorrow and heartbreak. I realized that Fry's installed metal detectors. And I saw the most annoying 7th grader I've ever met buying Snickers bars with his mom. He shot me a look. I also bought a bag of those candy hearts, the ones that taste like flavored chalk, with sayings like "FAX ME" and "YOU LOOK GOOD." My personal favorite is "LET'S READ."
I guess I'm done with my Valentine's rant. It's only seven o'clock- it ain't too late to find that special someone. ;-)

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Well, I feel a bit better since I've last written in this here thang. Even though some people become dreadfully gloomy when it rains, it actually makes me happier. Probably because Arizona never gets any. It's pattering on my roof right now. I like waking up in the morning and hearing the rain against my window and snuggling up in my comforter again as though I never had school to begin with. And I like reading while eating hot soup. Currently, my book of choice is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I was reading the beginning and I felt like I could relate to Esther so much about everything. I thought to myself, "Wow! She views life the same way I do! And she loves food!" Then I told my mommy this, and she said very frankly, "Dear, you do know that she has some sort of mental breakdown in the end, right? And that book is semi-autobiographical, and Sylvia Plath committed suicide." So I was just joking about the relativity and such. Scary.
The improv show turned out good. I liked to wear side ponytails and obnoxiously chew gum. Quite the experience.
I just realized that the one and only Dana linked me!
"And then I saw the boy. He looked as though he was contemplating something important, like if love truly existed or what to think of God. I found myself comtemplating whether I should tell him how pretty his eyes were. I began to walk toward him with hesitance, but it started raining. He looked at me and smiled. Then he walked to his car and drove away. I sat down on the grass, letting the rainwater soak my clothes. I'll have another chance, someday."
Oh, Jaclyn. When will you learn?

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Can I just never do improv ever again? Please?
I wanted to walk home as punishment for my extremely horrible job at rehearsal. I can't do it. I shouldn't try.
You see, that little voice inside my head says, "Oh, come on Jaclyn! You won't get anywhere if you don't try!" Then I say to myself, oh well, I guess I should try. Practice makes perfect, right? You can do improv if you really set your mind to it, right Jaclyn? Right?
So now I feel like crying, but I won't because hey, I have potential. Right? That's why I got chosen as one of the twenty other, better, funnier, more awesome people to accompany them, even though I'm not quite sure why. I don't know what they all saw in me. I'd say I wasn't good, but then you'd say, "I bet you did fine, Jaclyn. Count your blessings, at least you made the team," or "Stop whining Jaclyn, you're always too hard on yourself," or "Jaclyn, it was only one practice. Shut up."
I am too hard on myself. For some reason, I always beat myself up when I do bad. And doing bad seems like a consistent thing regarding me in the world of improv. We have a show on Thursday, and I'm scared.
On the plus side, if I decide to step down from the troupe, Improv 80s Nite will be quite the spectacle, won't it?
I just feel gross and ugly and unfunny right now. I'm going to study for my aforementioned math test.

I've just had my dose of Sgt Pepper's, so the world is good once again.
I really should be attacking my massive pile of history homework, but it looks rather intimidating and unattractive. Maybe later tonight. Or never. Take your pick.
Speaking of intimidating, Mr. Lassen schedule our calculus test for tomorrow. He looks like a giant Wyatt Earp with his rockin moustache. He is also Sunil's best friend. Although he wouldn't like to admit it, I'll bet they write things like "u R sO kEwL! We got 2 chill this sumr! BFF 4ever!" in each other's
Now my brother's hitting me with a pillow because I'm doing an injustice to Paul by singing loudly to his lyrics. I'm sorry Paul, I cannot help it.
I'm excited! All MLB pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp on friday! That means the days of playing hookie with my dad to see a Cubs-Giants game in Mesa are comin' round the bend!
Read about my excitement here.

But they don't.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Today, I was writing my horrible excuse for a "Junior Research Project" about how Bokononism correlates with Vonnegut's real views on organized religion, and I began to feel down. Down about Junior Research Projects, down about school, down My whole world came crashing down around me. I endlessly tumbled into the depths of my soul. Darkness overthrew the abyss in which the fragments of my mind lay scattered.
Not really.
But in the event of my feeling down and out, I decided to create a holiday, scheduled for tomorrow, February 10th. It is a holiday where no one can be sad, and I invite you all to celebrate too. It is to be known as "Overly Egotistical Day." You cannot be sad, and you must be proud of every asset you posess, even if the pride must come with a stretch of the truth.
In light of Overly Egotistical Day, I have created a list of the attributes I am proud of.
The List
1) I am really extremely good looking to the point of no return.
2) I can use an electric drill like nobody's business.
3) I can dance like Alex Patrusek.
4) My Junior Research Project is better than yours.
5) I can eat three packets of Taco Bell Hot Sauce without taking a sip of water.
6) I can dominate Ronnie Ho in Halo.
7) I'm on the official Weezer mailing list.
8) No man can resist me.
9) I may not know the wampeter of my karass, but at least I know what that means.
10) AJ and Sunil call me "Jax"
11) I was Harriet Stanley in the production of "The Man Who Came to Dinner."
12) Stage combat is my specialty.
13) Michael Vincent and I are getting wooed by the same colleges.
14) I am not getting wooed by Michael Vincent.
15) When I have huge bags under my eyes, I can sport mah horn-rimmed glasses and no one will know.
16) My mom thinks I can write well.
Maybe I will add more later. Goodbye for now.

I've never quite realized how much I like the tech room. It might seem a little strange, but while everyone's getting ready hecticly before a show day, I like to walk in there and just sit on the chair and close my eyes. I like the buzzing of the electricity that I can hear when no one else is talking and I like the way my shoes squeak endlessly when I walk in.
Tonight was the last night of Arsenic and Old Lace, which is a show that I wasn't very involved in, but that I had a lot of fun doing nevertheless.
Trevor won the coat. It was incredibly awesome, and he was my favorite character in the entire play. He owned it.
I wasn't going to be as involved in theatre this year. After being absent for most of this show, I've realized how much I miss theatre when it isn't there. I want to do this for the rest of my life.

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