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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Have you ever felt this weird, unecessary attraction to the most unlikely person, only to realize that they might harbor the same awkward feelings for you? And, when you feel ready to approach them about it, your legs turn to jell-o and you walk away? And then, when they leave, you regret not telling them in the first place? Because for some reason, when you look at them, they kind of confirm your suspicion, and even though that little look may not be enough in the long run, it satisfies you enough to tell them how you feel.
The above is purely hypothetical, of course.
I've recalled two of the coolest LOTR names ever: Hamfast Gamgee and Fatty Bolger. They are both completely ignored in the movies. How dare you, Peter Jackson!

Chris Martin should play Fatty, because he's cool and manic-depressive and Coldplay-ish and extremely fat.

Have you ever listened to Coldplay while thinking of a person? It's crap, let me tell you. Dumb Coldplay and it's ponder-aciousness.
Dumb me and my creating extremely bogus words.
SNL is on, and I haven't watched this show in a year or so. Christopher Walken is hosting? Out of all the days for me to watch, I get Christopher Freaking Walken Night? This is pure joy! I gotta go!

Friday, February 21, 2003

Tonight I saw The Two Towers again. It had some good and bad points. For example, you all know that enormous hoard of 12 year olds who wear next to nothing and stand outside the theater, right? Well, they all came to see LOTR tonight. They took up the whole back row, and all they did was giggle and make farting noises and I wanted to kick them. I honestly hope I was never that annoying. Although there was a time, during My Giant (starring Billy Crystal and some tall guy), that we threw popcorn into the masses below. I'll have to ask for forgiveness for that one. Then again, who remembers My Giant?
The good consisted of the entire movie, which I cannot get enough of. I love the music in it! Oh yeah, one kid overheard me say that I liked a song, and he started mocking me. I wanted to punch him. Anyhow, I love the music and the hobbits and the cinematography and the everything. But most of all, I love...

This Man.

Orlando Bloom is on my Make-Out-With-If-It's-The-Last-Thing-I-Do List. He's just fricken beautiful.
So, my night was fun.

I've decided to make a band. Amy and I will be in it. And probably some other people, since the instrumental knowledge betweens us covers the piano and the flute. Here are our projected names so far:
1) Synthetic Plastic Material
2) Johnny Egan
3) Jackie Backie and the Fountain of Love
The last one is my personal favorite.

Well, I have to go finish my soup now. 'Tis Top Ramen, it is. This weekend I'll be working on learning how to sing. I've forgotten, and musical auditions are next week. eek!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I've been worrying about all sorts of college-y things, including scrounging up enough dough and doing well on my SATs and such. The funny thing is I've started to slack off in all my classes, as though that's the least of my worries. Oh, the trials and tribulations of an Honors kid.
I found this cool-looking college in Massachusetts called Wellesley. I'ts liberal arts, which means less math, or so they say. It's also all-women, which is one of the cons, but I don't think that the burbs of Boston are totally devoid of men, so who knows. It's also about two hours away from the best city ever, which makes life a lot easier. My dad doesn't think I'd be able to survive New York City for a year. He grumbles at the idea of NYU because
1) $$$$$$$$$$$$$
2) my acute shyness complex
Would I be able to survive the tough, crowded city streets? Something inside tells me that if I ever got in a tight situation, like a mugging or something equally stereotypical, I'd probably just look at the guy with really big eyes and not talk because I don't know him well enough. Or because I'm scared. I'd probably hand him all my money and cry and run away and then complain to myself later on about how I should have been more assertive. I do that after large group gatherings as well. My mind says,
"Jaclyn, why oh why didn't you talk to anyone except for that guy who frequented the guacamole?" and I'd say, "Because I was hungry and he was hungry. Maybe we had something in common," and mind would say, "No, you were being that Shy Kid again," and I would say, "Yes, yes I was."
I do like guacamole, a lot. If you and I are ever at a party or social gathering, you will find me with the chips, stuffing them in my mouth as to avoid conversation. Or hunger pains, as my denial mode says.
But yeah, that college looks pretty sweet. Woo. College.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

It's funny how the only times I truly feel like writing are
A) when it's eleven o'clock or later,
B) when I have a research paper due the next morning, or
C)all of the above.
I shall write more later.

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