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Friday, March 07, 2003

Good news and bad news, folks!

First, the good:
My table came in 2nd place at Trivia Nite! I won ten dollars, which I desperately needed. Our table consisted of the Swails, Amy, and myself. Some (one) of those Swail males is quite attractive. And I sat next to him. Joy. Give it up fo' Table 18!

And now, the Bad :
I was online, surfin my fave sites, dude, and I came upon this article, written by Sean Biggerstaff himself. Apparently, Oliver Wood's character is being completely cut from Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban movie. Are you JOKING me?!?! Quidditch is only one of the main facets of the entire plot, and the Gryffindor team is nothing without their Captain. I am so mad right now.

That's all for now. Bye, folks.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Yay for liking boys who are highly unsuited for you! Yay for not telling people who it is for fear of humiliation and The Speech! You know, the speech that goes...
"(enter name here), you're a really cool girl/guy and all,'re not my type. Maybe we can be friends?"
Oh, I know that speech well. So does little Jonathon. It wasn't that little Jonny didn't like girls, but that they didn't like him. He was always on the receiving end of recitings of The Speech from girls he had recently professed undying love to. And many a time it was. There was Sally, who "didn't have enough time," and Alicia, who "liked someone else." Poor Jonny felt dejected and hurt, and he'd walk to class with a heavy heart, as shouts of "queer" and "homo" floated through the hallways. The other kids thought that Jonny's inability to get a girl was due to the fact that he was gay. Hasty Generalizations.
Jonny got The Speech all the time. Jonny, I can relate to your helpless plight. Not a boy-liking of mine goes by without the beginnings of a Speech collecting in the midst.
But no longer! The Speech will haunt my mind nevermore, for I will keep my uneccessary feelings to myself. Take dat!

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I really miss my Harriet Hat. Last November, I was in a show called "The Man Who Came to Dinner," and I played this insane lady named Harriet Stanley. Of course, I figured that most insane people wear equally insane clothing, so on went The Hat. The Hat was my character. It is black and it's covered in brightly colored flowers. On the very top of the hat is a fake bird. Coupled with my orange cardigans and polka-dot skirts, it made a very nice ensemble.
I was up in the cage the other day, admiring all the costumes from all these shows before my time. I found my trusty old Hat and I wished I could take it home with me. I recognize some old costumes every time I go up there. I'll see a dress from Oklahoma! or a skirt from Bye Bye Birdie, and I'll smile and remember all these little moments that stick out in my mind. I always wonder if, in a couple of years, someone will be sifting through the costumes, and come upon a dress or hat and say, "Wow, Jaclyn Backhaus wore that. Remember her?" I wonder if I'll ever leave an imprint on people's minds.
I like walking out of the cage, down the steps, into the scene shop, when all the lights are off but that one in the far corner. All is silent except the buzzing of electricity. During shows, you can faintly hear the actors projecting onstage and the audience reacting to every line.
I like the smell of sawdust that lingers in the air after someone uses the band saw.
I like the fact that I've built flats for one show that will be used in so many others after that.
I like when I'm all alone on the stage or in the tech room or the scene shop and I like to stand in the uncomfortable silence that is waiting to be broken.
But when someone breaks it, I'm not sad.
It's hard for me to explain why all these little things mean so much to me whan you may find then so trivial. I'm not really sure why I like theatre so much. I may not be the best actor or director or tech person, but there's nothing like the rush you get when the curtain falls after the final bow. So much emotion.
It's really hard to write about something that's wonderful in all aspects. This post doesn't say it right at all. One day, I'll do it justice.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Well, it's been quite a long week so far, what with english RN's and chemistry projects. I'd like it a lot if I said to Satan, "Damn chemistry to hell!" and then Satan replied, "Sure Jax, whatever you say. You da man." and then all of a sudden I wake up the next morning to find out that chemistry is no longer offered at Mountain Pointe, and instead, I will have to be placed in Creative Writing. All the phase changes and the stoichiometry and the molar concentration and the empirical formulas will be burning below me in the hottest inferno, and for once I won't have to calculate the specific heat. With all my pent-up frustration looming overhead, I decided to get 11 hours of sleep last night. Joy, it was! Joy!

I've run out of things to write about at this moment. Hence,The List...
Things Jaclyn Likes About Men

1. When they are men.
2. When they sing, 'tis cute.
3. When they sing in musicals, namely "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
4. When the cute ones go shirtless for the entire act.
Moving on to different boys...
5. When they make me giggle (not a hard thing)
6. When they make me think (I hope that's not a hard thing)
7. When they don a baseball uniform. (This is a personal preference, but if I see a baseball guy wearing his uniform, I have to look twice. I have to. Game days rock.)
8. When their name begins with an Orlando and ends with a Bloom
9. When I can talk to them despite my acute shyness
10. Mathletes (wOOt.)
11. When they put their arm around me (Unless it's, like, one of the choir boys. They always do that because they think they're Tru Playas 4 Real. And they are not.)

Well, I have to stop writing in here and start getting busy. Woo. Homework.

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