It's a Great Day for Baseball


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Monday, March 31, 2003

Well. I took quite the unexplained hiatus this past week, but now I'm back. And what a day to be back on. It just so happens that today is a day I live for, a day I look forward to all year, a day I would be lost without.

Opening Day here in Phoenix, my friends.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my undying loves, I will share them with you now.
1) Beatles
2) Lord of the Rings
3) Baseball

And while the Beatles broke up, like, thirty years ago, and Lord of the Rings is easily 1000 pages long, baseball lives forever and ever in the hearts of men.

"But Jaclyn, baseball is boring."
-Okay, folks, baseball is not boring. It's one of the most meticulate and complex sports ever created. Sure, you may watch Barry Bonds swing a big wooden stick and hit a ball and run around a big square shaped thing, but I watch a pitcher's years of fine-tuning pitching arsenal go to waste for one moment as a ball sails over three-hundred feet into a cove of the San Francisco Bay. And even then, I begrudgingly reiterate Barry's heavy steroid dependency. To me, the game is an art. I love how every single statistic is saved in some huge archive, and every now and then, the color commentator will bring up some little-known fact about Jackie Robinson's stolen base average in his second season. I would give anything to work with that huge vat o' knowledge. I've always had this weird fantasy that involves knowing Babe Ruth's every batting average and Roger Clemens' yearly ERA.

I have favorite players and least favorite players. On the Diamnodbacks (who, unfortunately lost today), my favorite is Craig Counsell, because he is an underappreciated asset to the team. He always comes through when we need him, lest he is injured. And I adore his batting stance.

He belongs on my list of people to marry.

I hate Barry Bonds. He may be really good Hall o Fame material and all, but compare rookie pictures with pictures of him now. He's bulked up in a...shall we say...suppplemental way.

I love the rush I get when a good play is made that saves the day. While baseball may have its slow moments, the exciting parts more than make up for it.

I love love love love love baseball.

Can you tell?

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