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Friday, May 02, 2003


I'm on the mailing list and I'll get updates now and then on some new Beatles Anthology disc or some John Lennon exhibit in London or whatnot. But I never read them. They are like spam to me. As dorky as it sounds, I the only reason I keep them in my inbox is because I like to think I get e-mails from The Beatles. It just sounds so cool..."You've got mail from The Beatles."

Is that awesome or what?

So the past few days have been "tres interesante." Last night I ate a bunch of food with a bunch of writers from ASU and I talked to a bunch of cool creative writing professors that are helping my mom with her cool novel (it should be done by November, folks!) So yeah, I was chattin' it up with this guy who was, like, nominated for the National Book Award and stuff. Pretty cool/humbling/inspiring/etc.

I want to write poetry for a living. How much greater could life be? That's like being a restaurant critic- you just get to eat for free. To me, writing is like eating-I do far too much of it for the rest of the world's good, but I have fun doing it anyway.

Woah. Did I just have a semi-deep moment?...Weird. Hee.

I was going to go all Pablo Neruda on you guys and write an Ode to Mashed Potatoes, but alas, it shall have to wait until after tomorrow night, when I will indulge upon mountains of them at Prom dinner. Yeah Prom! Tomorrow!

And I shall dance the night away. Best get my feet warmed up.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Quick update in my life:

I am no longer the Jaclyn I once was, but I am now Catholic Jaclyn, baptized, communioned, and confirmed for your sacramental pleasure. On Saturday, I donned a white garment and I proceeded to have Holy Water trickled down my forehead. And I liked it.

Some of you may be asking, "But, why Catholic, Jaclyn?" And I will tell you. Because believe it or not, ever since I've decided to pray and ask God for things, he listens to me. I've taken quite a bit of flack and answered quite a few questions because of my decisions, and all I can respond with is that it suits me well, and to each man his own. Everybody believes in something (or the lack thereof) and the "Huge, Diverse, Everybody-Wins Religion Picnic" that this country founded itself upon is something that we should be proud of. I like what I've chosen to become.

In other news...

I went to the doctor today with a query about the huge fatty lump on my right eye, and I found out that IT CAN BE CURED with a jug of water and a washcloth. I got to miss the first three periods of school today as part of the healing process. I'm sure that all of you want to know every inkling of detail about the stye in my eye, but alack, I shall spare you nevertheless. You can berate me later.

Ohhhhh and guess what! I went to the Relay for Life on Saturday, and I'm proud to share that I was one of about five who didn't get sprayed with the football field's sprinklers at about three in the morning. Hoorah for Steve and his huge tent!

I have to go feed my gerbil and listen to Josh Groban now. I have a hankering for playing with tiny rodents while listening to rockin curly-headed opera singers. Woot.

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