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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Today was yet another addition to the long string of days known as "Jaclyn Trying to Clean Out Her Room Week" It's seriously taken me a year to clean my freaking room. I'm such a pack rat. I keep everything.

Anyway, onto my story...I was going through a huge trunk of old stuff, and I came upon my old diaries. Ahem, drum roll please...

Without further ado...The Diaries of Jaclyn (spelling and grammar has been retained for periodical effect, and some *names have been changed to protect Jaclyn's fragile ego)

"Dec 24, 1992- About Christmas/ today is Christmas Eve and we get to open presents that is why it is fun today. I got a pootch and a Direy, a Belle, and lots more! It fun Because you never know what is inside But it sayes the names are on the paper."

"Dec 25, 1992-I went to Soocer. I went to soccer. It was fun, you get goals that is sometimes Because I nver got a goal, And that is what I call BORING! Because when you never get a goal it spoils all the fun, But when you get goal you have fun and it gets added to your scorr. thats the fun of it! and I allmost got a goal once and then twice it was reel fun allmost geting a goal Because it was allmost added to me scorr. and thats what I call fun. Because I like wining and wining is fun."

"Dec 27. 1992-I have a friend his name Ross I like him. But he never comes to my house and I want him to come. And if he does not come I will never Talk to him again!!!!!! Bye now."

"Aug. 25, 1993-France. France is really fun. Where I Lived called Strasbourg. there was a big catherdral! everywhere you go near Strasbourg you can see it! I also went to holand, the land of windmills and swiserland."

We're going to skip a few years now...

"4/30/95-Dear Diary, Gabby's a terror. She's full of snot. She's a ratty-haired, fussy, fat, snob. You are the most secret place to write stuff. She's ugly. I mean it too."

"11/10/95-Dear Diary, Can you believe it! I mived to ole' Awtukhee, City of Losers. Actually, I've made a lot of friends. At least Gaby's not here. Ahwatukee is hard to spell though. Yesterday, I went to Sedona. We explored Slide Rock, and I bought a rabbit's foot keychain."

"Dec 28, 1996-Smoke pollutes the air."

"3-14-98-Dear Diary, I average 1.5 Beanie Babies a week! I love sixth grade. I've seen Titanic 3.5 times. Leo is So CUTE even though I deny it to my friends. Kate Winslet and him should go out. *Jonny makes me laugh so hard, but he's going out with *Holly. She's a piece of garbage. Maybe I'll see him at Disneyland over Christmastime! That would be cool."

"7-8-99- Geez, when I look back and read all the corny stuff I've written before, I feel like a spaz. I am so bored. I am the boredest person on earth, I'm so bored, I was watching the Weird Al Yankovic Behind the Music Special on VH1 this morning! I've gone through my whole magazine pile. I'm officially 13 years old! BSB was on the other day...Talk about swoon-worthy!"

And so concludes a very thorough delving into my grade-school personal life. Cheers to you for reading. Goodbye, all.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Look at me. I'm trying. I'm try-yeee-yiiing, I tell you. But oh, how I fail.

I could by a country singer. Do you know the abundance of country singers that cover NSYNC songs?


I may have found a new career calling...

Look, it's me...eww

But seriously, folks.

I have all these weird blogging stories I feel I should share with you. They're all listed on my bathroom mirror. But alas, I have become too lazy to put them on this thing.

Why do bloggers blog so often about blogging?

Oh, tis a great question of olde.

Almost like that chicken and egg one.

I think I'm writing just to write. Write write write.

Speaking of write, I won my first writing contest (save the Kyrene School District Poetry Contest in fourth grade) for a poem I wrote and I was very proud. Very proud indeed.

Check it out, if you haven't already. I like this one.

And the verdict is in: I'm tired. Check y'all later.

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