It's a Great Day for Baseball


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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Sometimes I wonder if The Arizona Republic can get any worse.

"We have a governor, not a potted palm, on the ninth floor of the State Capitol."

Well, you coulda fooled me, guys. Thanks for clearing that up.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Ben, my lil' bro, played in the Little League Championships yesterday at the park behind Nello's. There was a crisp breeze. Well, not too crisp, but hard enough to tussle up my hair, which desperately needs a cut before my senior pictures, which I don't have the funding to pay for, which is due to my Lack of Job, which will hopefully be remedied by following up at Michael's on Monday. Knitting needles, anyone?

We won the game, 4-3. Some kid hit a ball foul, and it ended up landing on the roof of someone's car. The entire crowd winced and ran to see if it was theirs. Dozens of parents flocked to the parking lot with pained looks on their faces. Twas funny, I say.

Just a small list of baseball things that I love: ERAs, pickles, the sound of the ball in the mitt, Louisville Sluggers, jumping catches, double plays, "four-baggers", razzing, flying chalk, hot dogs, full counts, catchers' masks, managers fighting with the ump at home plate, freshly cut grass, cheering fans, foul balls, the guys that rake the dust between innings, batters' boxes, closing pitchers, Craig Counsell's batting stance, batting practice.

After the game, all the moms were talking about the new fall league starting up this year. My mom was telling my brother about it on the car ride home, and she said "It would be a great way to hone your talent." That got me thinking...I hate the phrase, "honing your talent." It makes me want to sharpen a pencil and throw it at something. Maybe I have a future as a javelin-person. What are javelin-people called, professionally? Javelinists? That sounds like some new fascist party.

Maybe I have a future as a dictator. Well, then, that's all settled. Once I become the new Javelinist dictator, I'll include ketchup under the vegetable requirements of the Nutritional Food Pyramid, and there will be no. looking. back. Muah ha ha ha.

On another note...

I've officially become a member of the licensed drivers of America. That's right, boys and girls, I passed my driving test. You might have seen me last night on my first driving excursion, which was picking up my brother's friend from Polar Ice at 8:30 pm in a emormous white Cadillac. That thing is a fricken whale. It's longer than two me's, but I dominated it. Aww yeah.

I think my mom is going to make me get milk at Fry's later. Oh, the power of driving.

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