It's a Great Day for Baseball


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Saturday, June 28, 2003

In opening, I'd just like to say I'm a verrry lucky girl tonight. I have the pleasure of briefly hosting not one, not two, but three very good-looking men in my humble abode this evening- Alexander (AJ), Robert (Robby), and Christopher (Chris). Happy birthday, AJ my friend.

I also saw a really good reading of a really good play written by a really talented boy. Watching this reading also further compromised my effort to finally finish my own one act. It's thisclose to being done, but now I'm thinking it needs reworking like woah. There's a restaurant, and a guy, and two girls, and an overzealous manager, and...yeah. Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow or something.

Moving on, it's sure been a long time since my last (and very inadequate) post. Since then, I've been to California and back and crept even closer to my looming 17th birthday (June 30, people!). It's been a wild ride. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Rockin'

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