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Saturday, July 12, 2003

And Now...A Story About a Brief Run-In With a Hot Boy

We all have our guilty pleasures. Some of mine include pretty shoes, raspberry cheesecake, The Ataris, and Sunsplash.

Apart from my "Boys to Marry List," which consists solely of cute celebrities, I have another pending list called "Boys From School Who Are Cute." But alas, there are only about two people on said list, and one of them was at Sunsplash yesterday with a group of his friends. He is the only boy in the history of the universe who could wear pink leopard swim trunks and look completely hot.

Conversation on the Lazy River:
Me: Hey Lauren, isn't that the Beautiful Freshman Boy from our school?

Lauren: Likeohmygoshyeah. Let’s see if he knows who we are.

(group of boys including Beautiful Freshman gets in line for Lazy River)

Me: heeheehee

(group of boys look at us periodically as we all go round and round on Lazy River)

(later on, in the Wave Pool)

Me: Maybe we should say something.

Lauren: No way. That’s too forward. Maybe we should fall off our tube and get their attention.

Me: Erm. Go for it.

So a bunch of younger, hot boys seemed to followed us around all day, as if they knew us (or better yet, thought we were incrediblyattractive). We would go to the Lazy River, and they’d be on tubes behind us. We’d hit up the slides, and they’d be at the back of the line. They swam where we swam. They left when we left. And nary a word was spoken between these two parties, but that doesn't matter. I was semi-followed by a really hot boy in pink leopard swim trunks.

Yeah, it was a good day.

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