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Saturday, September 06, 2003

like your bedroom after watching
(starring a young, buxom jamie lee curtis), and
screaming at all the scary
parts, even though you told me that you
only screamed because you thought it was
fun. i screamed because i was
scared. i mean, come on, michael
myers has the creepiest mask
ever. it's hard to digest xtra buttered
popcron while watching dozens of
pretty high school girls get
slaughtered as they are about to lose their
virginity to their loving boyfriends. which brings me to
my next question. how do all those girls really know that
he's the one? i mean, he could just be a real big
jerk looking to score. maybe he has a thing for
blondes. all the girls in those movies are
blonde. johnny got stabbed before he could even
say "i love you." poor johnny. poor blonde girlfriend.
which brings me to my next
question. am i just some poor
girlfriend of yours (albeit, a brunette), who
will be hung out to dry by next
saturday? or is this the real
thing? are you the one for
me? or will i find myself etched on michael myers'
incredibly long hit list? i'm scared for my
life, all because i'm with
you. you are too wonderful to be
real. should i die my hair

i'm lying in my bed, all
alone in the
there is no tv blaring blockbuster movie rentals.
do you love me?
i can't sleep.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I am completely drained. I am completely devoid of all independent thinking. My jaw hurts because I clench it too much. I'm always thirsty. I usually fall asleep at 10 pm. And this is only the beginning.

I thought they said senior year was nice and relaxing. Well, folks, it's all a lie...(atleastforsillyoverachieverslikemyselfWOO).

Hmm. Think happy thoughts, I will! Okay.

- It was a good day for writing! I finished ONE POEM and TWO WHOLE SCENES of my one act today. Well, the new one. My first one, upon pseudo-completion, looked like a pile of Poo. So I started a new one. But don't tell Mr. Scott, because I told him I'm already halfway done with it, and if he knew I started over then he'd hold his head in his hands and banish me to Miserably Failed Former Gifted Students Land. So shh, it's our little secret, here for the world to see on the "information superhighway."
(i watched The Cable Guy with my little brother today, woo)

-I've found a new materialistic love- coordinating entire outfits around one accessory. Example: Pretty red earrings require pretty red shirt and pretty red hair ribbon to accentuate them. I love being a girl! Yay!

-Of course, boys are good too. :-D yes.

-I'm starting a band named "ANTIPRUDE." I have so many potential band names that will never be used. It really is a shame. But this one will be real, I swear! I'll play the glockenspiel.

-Gerbilly is cute. (yes she is Christopher!!! =p)

-Josh Groban in Concert was chosen over French Paper.

-My dad likes to sketch people. My mom saw one of them and said, "Wow, you're getting really good. That looks just like your dad." My dad said, "That's exactly why I'm not good. It's a picture of Tom Clancy."

-Why my dad was drawing Tom Clancy is yet to be determined.

-My 12 year old brother plays a trombone that is bigger than him. It sounds like elephants talking.


-I have the coolest cast in student directorial history. Yes.

-As far as I know, pictures of my face have not been found placed on anybody's dartboard. That's a good sign that people tolerate me.

-I don't care about the billion things I have to do right now.

-T-minus 42 days until I board a plane headed for THE BIG FREAKING APPLE. (!!!:-D!!!)

Yay. The End. Love Jaclyn.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Last night I went to bed with every intention of making today my "Get Stuff Done Day." I had everything I needed to do listed neatly on this pretty piece of paper and I was actually going to do it all rather than lie on the sofa and watch "Days of Our Lives."

So what happens?

I wake up sick.


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