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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Do you ever feel like saying something but then you close your mouth right before the words leave your tongue? I do sometimes.

I don't really have anything to write about, but I feel like writing. I know one thing. Physics sucks. I know another thing. Talking to Cammie Pancakes and Sunil online makes me really sad, because they used to be a couple minutes away from me and now it's changed to a couple days. I'm afraid that I'll go back East to visit for Fall Break at they won't want to talk to me because I'm not cool enough. And Allysia and I shall be forced to eat lunch in Greenwich Village all. alone.

At least we'll have pastrami. mmm.

You know what's cool though? ChelseaM and OtherAlicia and MissHeather shall be in the Apple of Bigness the same time I will. Which is cool and it reminds me of some chick-bonding movie (which I usually don't really watch but hey. movies are movies). You know what will happen? The three of them will catch the eyes of three very cute New Yorkian boys and I will sit back and watch as they prance off in the sunset with them, because I am very much content my own very cute boy right here.

You know what's not that cool? I realized the other day that the play I'm writing for Advanced Studies has no point at all whatsoever. It's just a jumble of dialogue between a girl and her boyfriend and her mom and they're all just living in some crap town and there is no plot. I hate this.

Whenever I get riled up about things, I write in long, run-on sentences.

I got a C+ on my first Advanced Comp paper. Me. The "good writer." Hmph. It's stupid little instances like these that trick me into questioning my entire existence. Theatre, writing. What if they don't pan out? What's the point in paying a bazillion dollars on something that will get me nothing in return? Some huge red vaccuum is sucking all of my money away.

Perhaps it's a steam vac. Those things take out stains like mad. Of course, with my sky-high living prices, I'll never be able to afford one...unless it's edible and I can try to eat it when I starve in the middle of the cold Manhattan December. I can see it now: "College Freshman Found Frozen to Death: Discovered With Vaccuum Hose in Mouth."

Provided, I go to New York, of course. I need to stop planning my life (both positive and negative aspects) as though I've already been accepted. I might be in for a cruel reality come springtime.

Stupid life decisions. I'm going to end this on a happy note: Cherry Popsicles! Yaaay.

Sunday, September 07, 2003


The only thing good about waking up at 8:00 this morning was watching an uber tired Josh Groban do Cartman impressions whilst I was eating Top Ramen for breakfast.

Ah, the simplistic life I lead. Take that, Henry David Thoreau! Bam!

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