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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

This morning in Advanced Studies Mr. Scott was in some meeting, so I spent the whole hour combatting my incurable bout with writers' block by singing and dancing to Disney songs. Michael Vincent was not amused.

This afternoon, I found a tube top at Buffalo Exchange that I've decided to wear as a skirt (provided that I buy it tomorrow).

I finished my Physics project yesterday, so I have no homework.

This evening, I aided potential middle-age obesity by inhaling a slice of Dulce De Leche Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (with the "Rhinoceros" girls, no less).

Right now, I'm searching for the perfect monologue to perform in front of A) a video camera for some scholarship, B) the thespian conference, and C) my parents.

Later, I'm buying plane tickets to New York and reserving a hotel room somewhere on 9th Street and 6th Avenue (?? I think that's the address).

After that, I'm writing a passage for the PWULIA scrapbook.

Today was a good day.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I went to the Format concert last night. There were a billion kids in a room meant for twenty. They were the third band to play and by the time the second band started, we kids were gasping for air, so we decided to chill in the parking lot for a tad. So there we were, sitting on the curb, breathing freely, when what familiar faces walk by? 'Twas none other than Nate and Sam of the Format! We sat there, mouths gaping, staring at their beautifulness as they talked and laughed and smiled with a couple of their friends. Occasionally, they glanced over at us, nervous that we'd run up to them asking for autographs or something.

One word could describe this event:


I waited to get autographs until after the show, when I went up to them and said "himynameisjaclynithinkyou'regreatwillyousignmybookthing?"
They signed and smiled and tried not to laugh at my beet-reddedness. And we talked (albeit briefly) about how Nate is sick and still kickin.

And that's the wonderful story on how I officially met a handful of boys on my marry list. THE END (sigh).

PS- My mom told me that I shoudn't go to ASU because I deserve to follow my dreams. I love my mom.

PSS- Go see "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" because Willem Dafoe plays a tan person and Johnny Depp plays an awesome person. yay

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