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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I love airports. I hate planes. Is that weird?

In less than 24 hours, I'll be trying to sleep in the air. In less than 48, I'll have seen Little Shop whilst cavorting in Serendipity with Chelsea and Allysia, only just before sneaking Allysia into our hotel because there weren't any rooms for three people left. In less than 72, I'll have left a present for a friend in Central Park. In a little more than 96, I'll have decided whether or not to do the New York thing for a couple more years.

Hoorah! And I haven't even packed yet! I best get to it.

(I promise that after this trip is over, my amount of New-York-Themed blogging will decrease. I probably gets quite annoying, especially if you already live there (read: Cameron and DC).)

p.s. Come see a show I directed, about Robert DeNiro being the King of America and other such hilarious things. Monday; 5:30; Drama Room; like, three dollars. Yay.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Typical fall breaky weekend.

-I bought a jacket for seven dollars
-My best Indian chum hit up Arizona in style
-I fell asleep on his floor three times in three hours
-I only ate two slices of pizza.
-I put off everything I had to do until the next morning

-I cleaned my room
-I played with Gerbilly!
-I worked register at Sweet Tomatoes and 2 people called me stupid
-I watched Payback with Chris
-I almost went to Rocky Horror Night at some movie theatre, but alas, twas canceled

-I Raced for the Cure from 8-10
-I gave people trays at Sweet Tomatoes 11-3
-I fell asleep
-Two tires simultaneously blew out on the Explorer while I was driving home from the library
-Luckily, there was a bike in the trunk, so I rode to Megyn's house
-Megyn's dad answered in a wheelchair and let me use the phone
-The car is still sitting on a sidestreet in the Lower East Side (of Ahwatukee)
-My feet hurt.

To Do
-See Sunil again before he leaves
-Get ready for New York (make another to do list!)
-Art Project for French (I don't understand either)
-Fix the car thing
-One Act Crap (please come see it. Allysia, Tim, and Stef star. It bodes well.)
-Write a paper
-Work tomorrow
-Fix my toe (it's broke too, like my car)
-Make my one act feesibly readable (that phrase has a certain ring to it. now I just have to figure out if it's even real)
-Get a lot of money and buy a camera
-See Kill Bill
-See the trailer for Return of the King
-Write my NYU essay


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