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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Quick!!! Everyone!!!

Okay, I need to memorize/stage/make perfect two contrasting monologues for next Wednesday, and the ones I have done don't work.

Please give me some suggestions to monologues!!!!!!! Please please I'll love you forever woo. :(

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

You could ask me how my day went. I would say, "Fine."

You could ask me what I hate, and I would respond with "Weapons of Choice." Or "looking for hotels on" Or "the phrase 'one week.' " Or "CPR certification."

Then, you would naturally ask me what made my day good, and I could say "chocolate Frosties," or possibly "cold" or maybe even "mashed potatoes." But I would not say any of these things.

I would say "Suddenly Seymore."

AAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAsfbhkzdhjcbwjklhfsgrrrgle :-D

I don't care if I can't sing.

UberDork. Me.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Two Letters- One Real, One Fake

From :  NYU Administrator
To : 
Subject :  New York University Application Received  
Date :  Sat, 1 Nov 2003 15:19:26 -0500

Dear Jaclyn,
We have received your application, and we look forward to reviewing it.  Thank you.

New York University Office of Admissions

* * *

From :  jaclyn backhaus
To :  josh groban
Subject :  (none)
Date :  Thurs, Oct 30 during physics class

Dear Josh Groban,

You are a good guy, I think.

I'm sitting in my physics class and I have "Alla Luce Del Sole" stuck in my head. Yeah. I hate physics. This is a good way to pass time.

Do you ever get your own songs stuck in your head?

Is that a really stupid question?

I wonder how many stupid questions you get asked daily. It must be hard not to viciously snarl at the benefactors of said stupid questions. You probably smile and nod. For this I commend you.

Three cheers for Groban. Hip hip hooray, et al.

You know, that Isaac Newton was a sucky guy. If it wasn't for him, I could be maybe NOT be in physics class. I could be sailing. (I've never been sailing. Of course, Phoenix is the uber trendy sailing capital of the world. :p!)

Maybe I'll go home and listen to Coldplay. Or, like, that one CD with you on it. I hear it's pretty good.

I'm really tired. If you ever apply to college again, don't wait until the week before the deadline to start. I wonder how many random snippets of advice you've taken to heart from fan letters. You probably get thousands of letters a day. That's crazy.

This is the first letter I've written to someone I've never met. Unless you count my college admissions essay. Or the one I wrote to Leonardo DiCaprio in 6th grade. I was a weird kid.

The bell rings in 5 minutes. Then, it's off to French class. Francais. Oui. Tres bien. J'aime le fromage.

What do you do all day? You should sleep. Or roll with your homies and keep it real in the hizzo. Word.

What's your favorite musical? Mine's Les Mis on some days. Other, it's Little Shop. I'm going to see it again in New York soon. Why I am telling you this, I do not know.

Maybe I'll send you this. Maybe you'll read it. Maybe you'll throw it in a bonfire. Bonfires=s'mores. S'mores=yay<3.

I hope you're having fun at work. If I gather up enough personal funds, maybe I'll go to the concert in Phoenix. If I cannot, have a grand ole time. And be sure to check out the cacti. Or not.

I'd like to know what becomes of this letter. If at all possible, divulge me with its fate. Have a good day.

Jaclyn Backhaus

* * *

Hence the reason I fail physics. The End.

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