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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Chris likes The O.C..

I am the luckiest girl alive probably.

By the way (BTW, for those of you fluent in middle school AIM lingo), NO SCHOOL FOR ME TOMORROW HAHAHA.

Charlie Brown, here we go again. Let's go out with a bang.

snoopy in style

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

i can't sleep
i'm too tired to put on my pajamas
i'm too tired to move
i'm too worried
and scared
and stressed
but at the same time i am content
this isn't a poem
but some people
who will remain nameless
love to write a bunch of crap
and space it in "artistic" ways
so that it ends up looking like poetry
(harbster. cough.)
his hair is half red half brown half bleach-blonde
that's three halves
three more halves than he deserves to have
he asked me to homecoming freshman year i told him no
he proceeded to ask me out online for the rest of the year
rest of the year
rest of my freaking freshman year
the memories pain me
i think it's funny that i'm still awake
i shouldn't be awake
i should be
but i listen to
el scorcho
and think about
and broadway
and tisch
and fake burberry purse
and spike lee
and scarves and trees and somehow
i hope that it's all my future
make a wish
blow a candle
look there's a star
i'll make a wish on josh groban
he's a star
with curly hair
two tidbits of advice before i depart
buy his new cd,
and fall in love with someone
you could do these at the same time or at completely separate intervals
it's really up to you
really it is
i have a friend who doesn't believe in love
she shouldn't follow my advice
because yes, she wouldn't like it
but she should eat falafel
because she's vegan ya
even if it's the crappy trader joe's kind
and not the real hey i'm from the big fat greek mediterranean area of europe kind
so yeah
new york

Monday, November 17, 2003

If you want to smile a lot, see Love Actually.

If you really want to smile a lot, see it with a really uber cute boy.

Then afterwards, watch and laugh as the boy tries to justify liking it in any masculine way possible.

Bwa ha ha. Boys and chick flicks. Sometimes they do get along.

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