It's a Great Day for Baseball


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Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's official.

I'm not going to ASU...

More later...


Well, I'm going to miss Arizona. Really, I am. Late night coffee and "the weather" and, well, my life. It's all been kept here, safe and secure.

Next year, I'll test myself. I'll be gone. And I think everyone knew it would end up this way...except me. (well, my subconcious had some sort of inkling, but...)

And now, I know for sure. And I haven't been this happy in a bajillion years.

I felt it as I walked up 5th Avenue with my dad. I felt it as I sat in Strawberry Fields with my mom. When we couldn't go see any shows last time, I thought to myself, "It's okay. I'll be back."

And I will be.

I'm at a loss for uncorny words.

"Manhattan- I've prepared for you."



Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Today was a better day.

Alex is going to direct the one act I wrote (Idler's only letting him do it because I actually get a grade in Advanced Studies if it gets produced)


(and my one-man performance went pretty swimmingly, besides the forgotten blocking and lines and crap. oh well.)

(and the read through of The Nerd was wonderful)

(and I got off work an hour early)

(and it was 50% off everything day at Kohl's. heart)

(and brian nodded)

so yes. lovely day. i'll have a real entry, with exposition and climax and resolution and stuff, in the coming days. i need something to procrastinate finals-studying with.

p.s. Taryn yay!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I know I'm being trite and silly and stupid and unnecessary.

But as crazy as it may sound, I feel like it's my fault.

I dropped two trays at work the other day.

I snapped at my entire family.

I went for a walk at 10pm.

I "journal" and I "talk it out" and I "express how I feel"

Guidance counselors do not know anything.

And yet, I never cry. I just sit there and with this look on my face that screams "Just spent 5 hours watching the NordicTrak informercial on Channel 11."

Somebody help me. I can't help me. I'm being selfish all over again.

on a happy note: I won a John Lennon DVD on the radio the other day. And my team got 3rd place at Trivia Nite. Team 12 Fo-Eva.

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