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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A Christmas Poem
It's been a crazy year, it has
(To say the very least)
But for today and for tomorrow
I sit down to a feast
I eat with friends and family
I joke, I laugh, I schmooze
We're all in drunken happiness
All this, without the booze
And so I lift my milk glass
And I propose a toast
To this years wins and losses
To make next year the most
And for a moment all the worries
I keep pent up inside
Leave me feeling happy
With a chest filled up with pride
I opened presents on this Eve...
Among movies and a phone (!!)
I knew one thing I did not feel
And it was alone
For while I may be sad, confused
Frustrated or upset
The times I share at Christmas
I will not soon forget
So if you read this and you laugh
At phrases trite and worn
I hope your winter holiday
Will not leave you forlorn
I hope you feel as happy
As the Backhauses feel now
So Merry Christmi-Hanukkah...
And beware of the Mad Cow.

property of Jaclyn Backhaus- 12/24/03

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

There are some things that make me want to leap for joy...

One of them was the fact that I went online tonight and Brian was online.

His profile had a quote from Boondock Saints, and I love Boondock Saints.

His away message included the phrase "at the hospital, will be home later"

This is GRAND!!!!!!

I can imagine him in his hospital room typing furiously on a laptop and the nurses trying and failing to pry it from his hands.

I can do nothing but dance. Dance I will.

He'll point and laugh at me for all of this silly dancing hoopla. Although he's pointed and laughed at me many a time...Here's to hoping he does it a million more.

After this, I could even do taxes with a smile on my face.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I stole this from Chiara heehee.

I am not: fat.
I hurt: and nobody knows why.
I love: when me and my brother have giggle fits.
I hate: my insecurity.
I fear: that I make the wrong choices.
I hope: that my future is everything I dream it to be.
I hear: Josh Groban.
I crave: Return of the King.
I regret: not getting five extra points in advanced comp (Come on. An 89.3%? That is the epitome of Suck).
I cry: When I least mean to.
I care: too much about myself, I think.
I always: think that everyone hates me.
I long to: be content with everything I have rather than worry about silly things.
I feel alone: when I am alone.
I listen: when Chris talks.
I hide: from myself.
I drive: really badly. Seriously. Watch out.
I sing: in my room when I feel like no one's listening, even though my brother's in the next room and he can hear me perfectly through the air vent.
I dance: like one of those genetically mutated frogs.
I write: a lot of crap and some good stuff. Way too much for my own good.
I play: the night away by listening to Sunil jam.
I miss: Late night drives, asleep in the passenger seat.
I search: for my friends' names on Google a lot. It's trippy.
I learn: through audio and visual stimulants. Kidding. I hate that guidance counselor crap.
I feel: like switching tracks, because the Josh Groban song on right now is not the best. Okay. It's done.
I know: that I miss Karen and I am dying to talk to her.
I say: more when I'm with one person, rather than in big groups. It is then that my inner clam shines through.
I succeed: in covering my right hand with ink every single day (I really need to stop this and buy a freaking pad of paper).
I fail: in always saying what I feel.
I dream: too much. I'm too caught up in dreaming to focus on reality.
I sleep: a lot, lately.
I wonder: If Gerbilly can understand English.
I want: the world.
I worry: too much about college and money.
I have: to learn to lighten up more.
I give: a smile.
I fight: procrastination, and lose miserably.
I wait: for my day.
I need: to figure out who I really am and why I feel this way.
I am: happy one day, sad the next,
I think: I am insane. Others think so, too.
I can't help the fact that: my thought process is abnormal.
I sit: in my own world. I can't hear you speak. You are so far away.

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