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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I have this slew of things to finish and all I want to do is watch the Pirates of the Caribbean audio commentary with Johnny Depp and do an intense character study of Captain Jack Sparrow because that is the reason I want to act and I am a dork and for some reason I like wasting my time with weird stuff like that. That, and dancing around my room to showtunes. And reading The Hours many times over. And LOTR. And bubble baths. And...

"No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?"

Sunday, December 28, 2003

The past few months, I've fallen asleep at/during:

My french final

Several physics tests

Every day in Econ

A party

A movie or two

While reading

Before work

After work

Barnes and Noble

While listening to Josh Groban

While listening to Gwar. Just Kidding

Amy's house

Shelley's house

Chris's house

My house

While entertaining guests

In other peoples' cars

While waiting for my mom to buy shoes at Robinson's

In a taxi

On several planes

In Chicago

While watching Chicago

In New York

While watching Serendipity which is New York-esque

A football game

Folding clothes

Cleaning my room

After school

Before school


Academic lab

In the makeup room

On a mattress backstage during a play...every single night of show

Countless rehearsals

A thespian conference

While Mr. Meyer was talking

While eating lunch

While eating dinner

Definitely while eating breakfast

In the shower

and finally...

When I go to bed.

I'm forgetting a few as well. All this and I usually get around 7 hours of sleep. I think I'm going through the beginning stages of narcolepsy.

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