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Saturday, January 24, 2004

So after all is said and done, the song goes unfinished, the plans unscheduled, and the Hey Arnold! unwatched.

But you see, I don't cry. Is it my inner machismo? My weird apathy? Or is it just habit? I never cry at the truly sad movies, only the happy ones. Then again, whenever I'm sad, I crack a smile.

It's a twisted world we live in.

Meanwhile, it's back to the drawing board.

Friday, January 23, 2004


Wednesday, January 21, 2004


I never really understood the meaning of blogs...I'm assuming the entire thing is done for the feedback. You know, people leave you notes and you feel better. In turn, you must write cute/insightful/profound/humorous/readable/angry/opinionated/scholarly rants about love/life/your day/thematic elements/sex/alchohol/being independent and awesome/politics/animals and provide cute pictures of yourself/the sky/friends/the "oc"/hot guys/josh groban/pretty people/scarves/blustery days/lord of the rings. This equation equals BLOG POPULARITY!

And now, I realize I've been living a lie.

Did you know you are supposed to put two spaces in between sentences when you're typing on the computer? Instead of looking like This. It looks like This. What's wrong with me? I'm supposed to be this smart writer girl and I can't even format my own writing.

I will never recover.

On top of that, I realized today (and a couple of months before that) that I am insanely jealous of everyone I know and even though I just wish I were more like anyone except for me, I can't stop being Jaclyn, the ever so weird, shy, untalkative, insecure, socially inept, bad-friend-ish girl who just stares into space and says things like "Wow, Cory. I really like the TILES ON YOUR ROOF."

The good thing about a comment system that doesn't work is now I can pretend that no one ever read this. And if you did actually sit through this without vomitting, don't mention it to me. Because I'm probably insanely jealous of you for some reason. And I don't know how to type.

Thank you.


Today, I was in a funk. At least I get to break plates at rehearsal. And I don't have work tonight.

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