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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well, on the bad side, I'll never act on that stage again. But on the good side, at least I have some time now to get my sanity back. Yay, sanity! Come back!

I'm lame.
I'll bet you're not as lame as I.
Smitten is the wrong word.
"Smitten" would be like how Mr. Gerbilston is about Gerbilly.
Not really.
I just felt a nice old Gerbilly reference would spice things up a bit.
In all reality, Mr. Gerbilston is nonexistant.
My dad says I type loudly.
I laugh loudly.
Why am I so silly?
I really am silly.
That rhymed, baby.
You see me.
You turn around.
You walk away.
I eat my Won Ton Chicken Happiness in peace.
Yay for crap poetry.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


My mom always says when I was three I used to watch E.T. and just sob at the end, because I always was sad that E.T. would never see Elliot again. This was when I was three. I should have grown out of this phase by now, right?

Well, it was on the Sci-Fi channel tonight and I just caught the ending...and the tears started. I couldn't stop crying. It's weird how stuff like that sticks with you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Man of the Hour: Johnny Egan
Woman of the Hour: Rowena Daly
Phrase of the Hour: "covert ops"
Drink of the Hour: cranberry juice
Food of the Hour: DiGiorno! (it's not delivery...)
Band of the Hour: The Format
Song of the Hour: "Hey Ya!"
Pet of the Hour: Gerbilly, of course
Celebrity of the Hour: Jonathon Rhy Meyers (the hot guy in Bend It Like Beckham)
Article of Clothing of the Hour: My pretty polka dotted shirt
CD of the Hour: Interventions and Lullabies
Movie of the Hour: Bend it Like Beckham (oh, French soccer project...)
Crush of the Hour: YOU.
Friend of the Hour: Smithe
Annoyance of the Hour: Advanced Comp paper on objective synthesis or something
Happy Thing of the Hour: the Creamsicle-colored dress I wore for the improv show tonight
Flower of the Hour: Tulip
Long List of the Hour: Reasons Why I Should Stop Liking "Said Strumpet"
Breaking News of the Hour: Half of my throat is sore!
Hair of the Hour: Half up, half down. And poo-ish looking.
Magical Moment of the Hour: Listening to "U+Me=Us"
Homework of the Hour: Topic Day (and advanced comp paper...and scholarships...and BLARG)
AIM News Headline of the Hour: There's a couple...I'm liking "Disney to Buy Muppets From Jim Henson"..." Lawyers in Phil Spector case bicker over thumbnail"..."Turntable Class Teaches Art of Scratch"...and "The WB Cancels Supernatural Drama 'Angel'"
Sibling of the Hour: My brother, Boopsie. Er. I mean, Ben.
Multitasking Ability of the Hour: "I've Got You Under My Skin" blaring, comp papering, instant messaging, eating pizza, trying to think straight.
Wish of the Hour: YOU.
Adrenaline Rush of the Hour: Falling repeatedly whilst wearing a dress at the improv show.
Desired Profession of the Hour: Josh Groban's mic tester (p.s.- concert date is officially May 12!)
Thing to Worry About of the Hour: Actually working on my shady Advanced Studies project
Time of the Hour: 9:19 PM
Last Words of the Hour: Have a lovely night.

Monday, February 16, 2004


Leave it up to me to screw up various aspects of my life...Things that are relatively important, like misreading the deadline for the NYU FAFSA. Or applying for a scholarship that gives awards to three people per US Congressional District (read: lots of people get them) and then accidentally giving myself a better ACT score than I actually have, which will result in termination of my application.

I surely hate money.

In other news (or for those who don't read my ugly LJ), I have a crush on a boy and I need it to go away. This weekend, I haven't really been functioning. I just stare googly-eyed at trees or rocks and say, "Ain't he grand?" Only thing is, people that usually say that kind of stuff actually have someone liking them in return.

I feel like I'm back in middle school.

Anyway. In keeping with lighthearted, unpartisan subject matter related to today's date, who do you want to be the next President and why?

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I'm hogging Ashley's house right now. Ty played me some songs about Tommy and Dinosaurs with roller skates. Alex sang back up. Then the world learned about Willy and Twitty, and how Willy goes to Twitty's house all the time.

Coo Coo Cachoooo Okay I'm done.

The Nerd was fabulous. Thanks for coming if you did.

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