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Friday, March 12, 2004

yay for downtime.

a lot's been going on lately, yes, a lot.

alex is directing the play i wrote (which incidentally won some regional award because i sent it to the "scholastic art and writing award" people about 5 minutes before the postmark deadline; yay procrastination!)

i'm in two one-acts: in one, i'm a nerdy girl getting hit on by a hippie craig. in the other, everyone in the town throws stones at me (enter "woah, she's so stoned" pun here).

mr. meyer decided i use commas too much.

mr. moon decided that the only way i could ever do well on a test would be to cheat. thanks for believing in me, mr. moon.

i decided i hate washing dishes because my hands smell like palmolive for the rest of life.

i also found out that i'm in love with a gay man. well. not really. but that would be a really great plot for a horrible jennifer aniston movie, if it wasn't already (...?)

who wants to help me clean my room? ("i do! i do!")

okay. end rant.

OH! p.s.- i finally beat the old high score for the snake II game on my cell phone, which, through circumstances, means that i am officially over my last relationship. that ALSO means that i am officially over any rebound crushes that i harbored for awhile there. so wheee, i'm free.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well, I can scribble last night on my list of life-changing events.

Okay, maybe it doesn't seem too "life-changing" now, but it will seem that way when I look back on it.

Yesterday, after calling practically everyone I knew asking if they were going, I finally found Kaila. That made me feel better, because I wouldn't have to be in a room alone with VYT kids who all cling together. Me, an outcast? Why, that never happens! hee.

Anyway, the event was this: Anthony Rapp, star of Rent and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (among other things) was conducting a workshop at Valley Youth Theatre and kids could sing songs/ perform monologues for him, and he'd give feedback. It was realy cool, and I'm glad I went (even though the piece I did, a monologue from a Steve Martin play, was one I hadn't touched since November). He said really nice stuff to everyone and I took notes and got a picture with him and put him on my Boys to Marry list when I got home.

It was So. Cool. Even if I didn't do my best. He gave me some really good advice and shook my hand and smiled. (melt!)

So that was my Saturday. Maybe I'll meet back up with him when we share the stage someday...I'm now in Theatre Cloud Nine Heaven. I'll call you when I come back down.

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