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Saturday, March 20, 2004

nine weeks and counting.


spring break was good. chilled, hung out with hippies in flagstaff, GOT TOTALLY WASTED, OH MAN (unless you don't count cranberry juice as an alcoholic drink). tonight, as i was one of the unlucky ones without a ticket to the something corporate/yellowcard emopunk bash 2004, i went to coffee with allysia and ashley. we talked more than we beveraged, and i played withthe contents of ashley's teabag. later on, i thought to myself: one day, there will be no more of this.

i wonder what will replace it. i wonder what will replace everything. instead of girly middle school crushes, will i actually find love? instead of thinking about writing, will i actually write? what will i do without late night coffee chats or long phone calls with nebraskians or shopping with my mom? even though i know i'll make it, it's quite the mind trip to wonder how.

in the past, i never thought about change until it was actually upon me. now, i'm thinking about change before it's even started.

and we also talked about boys. that is a subject i won't cross for awhile (to allysia/ashley: note my new purse).

and we also talked about how these last few weeks will be a blur. i'm trying to soak it in as much as i can.

in nine weeks, i won't see some of these people for the rest of my life. but i guess that's a gamble i take with every new day. hm.

maybe i'll tell that one guy i've secretly harbored a crush for since 7th grade the truth on grad nite (and it'll be so can't hardly wait, omg) and then we'll get like married even though were TOTALLY from completely different social circles, because after high school it doesn't even really matter much anyway right?

hah. or not.

p.s. my little brother ben got a blog and it's already better than mine.

Monday, March 15, 2004

i've discovered something about myself: i'm always jealous of what others have and i don't. to save you from reading a really long self-deprecating rant, i'll sum it up: i need to appreciate what i have instead of just whine about what i don't have. like money for college. okay, i'm stopping now.

so, happy things...

magic mountain was cute. i need to hang out with people more, seriously. people rock. you know that you generally like someone when you can spend 27 consecutive hours with them and not worry about saying anything stupid out of the drunken stupor that is fatigue. and yay to kiran for sitting next to me and saving me from weirdos, and yay to alvin for pillow-sharing. and yay for blythe, the nightlife capital of the world, and its really huge moths. ew.

the barbeque tonight was cute, too. once again, i need to get out more.

tomorrow i don't worrrk. huzzah.

yay for sleep and falling to sleep whilst listening to anthony rapp sing (he's moving up on my boys to marry list, but he hasn't even come close to j.gro, who is still my hombre supremo of marriageable glory)

there was something else but i forgot what it was. oh well.

Promise of the Day: i swear i'm going to finish a real entry someday.

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