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Friday, April 16, 2004

A couple of things worth noting:

Yesterday was wonderful and when everyone stood up it made me cry like a stupid emo kid. Alex and cast, you rock so hard. Watching you guys up there made my life. Seriously, you guys should be at Carnegie Hall with me in June. And thanks to everyone who laughed at all the jokes. Hearing that made me smile! :-D

To my cousins, Arie and Max: I'll miss you. And I'll come and visit you guys in Auckland, and then you have to take me to all the places where Peter Jackson shot LOTR, especially the Shire. If you do that, I'll introduce you to the Olson twins, I swear. (p.s: the Creepy Pilgrim awaits you...)

OKay, so get this: my Aunt Pola from Alaska saw The Doors in concert when she was a teenager. I'm calling her tomorrow and making her recount the play-by-play over the phone. I would give a reasonably expendable body part to meet Jim Morrison. Seriously, I would. The spleen, perhaps. Or my tonsils.

A shout out to my boy, Prince William, as he takes on the Universities of Scotland (or something like that) in his college water polo tournament today. You can do it, buddy. Just think of me and our future marriage (disregarding that fact that I'm Catholic and thus unmarriable). Go, Wills, go!

That is all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Earlier today I felt like ironing my hair off. Well, not really. I was just feeling so utterly down.

But now I feel a lot better. My hands are all tingly and I get chills down my spine. My throat is still tight but my eyes are wider. I will be better now.

Perhaps it's just the air conditioner, but I feel a changing in the winds...

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