It's a Great Day for Baseball


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Thursday, April 22, 2004


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

WOoO bad improv rehearsal today. Show next week? Maybe for you, but not for me. Next week, I'm going to work on mah whittlin' skillz. Maybe I'll chew some tabbacky and learn how to spit it in a milk jug. I could take Slim to the box social in our horseless carriage. We'll plod slowly past the cornhusks gleaming in the moonlight.

Ew. This entry is waaay too Oklahoma!

Moving on. In the world of baseball, the Diamondbacks aren't doing so hot. I went to a game a couple of weeks ago, and the highlights were making it on the jumbotron and playing "throw-the-peanut-in-the-unsuspecting-drunkard's-Miller-Lite-cup" with a bunch of twentysomething guys. And Matt Kata carrying the attractiveness torch for the entire team.

Geez. Come on, people. Wounded Alomar? Gonzo and Sexson's under-.300 averages? Sketchy pitching rotation?

Blame it all on the higher-ups getting rid of Counsell. God frowned upon that infamous day.

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