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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bored bored bored.

I have connect-shunz

To famous people

Like my friend Brent

Dated both the Olsen twins

Or so he says

And they're going to my school next year

And we'll become best friends

And I'll have a supporting role in New York Minute 2

And the hot twin guys they meet in the first one will

Have a hot older brother

And he will be all mine

And we'll have lots and lots

Of really good-looking children

Who will be on Prom Court every year

Who knows, maybe they'll win

And then everyone will whisper

"See the prom king/queen?

That's Jaclyn Backhaus's kid

She was really hot back in the day"

And I was

And I am

Because I love myself dearly

It will all come full-circle

Give me your phone number.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

i'm in this weird mood where anything anyone could possibly say or do to me is the most annoying, irritating, unnerving event in the history of mankind.

why won't anyone turn on the air conditioner?

why am i wearing jeans?

why does dad keep yelling at me to stop using the keyboard and then turn around and tell me to finish e-mailing my evil cohorts (i.e. the Scholastic people)?

why haven't we started our physics project?

i'm doomed.

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