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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Yep. It's over. It's over and my speech was really bad. I said something along the lines of,

"Katie Takacs, if I accomplished half the things you have, I would buy myself something."

And Jaclyn's eloquent usage of the English language continues.

Anyway. Every year, I always feel like I am watching the Ellies from the very back row. I always knew that yes, everyone is required to feel teary; yes, everyone will go over their "time limit;" yes, it is the TCers' night to shine. I guess I never felt very shiny. I always shed tears at a few parts, but never in copious buckets. Well, tonight, I cried. I cried when Amy talked, I cried when I talked, I cried during the slide show, I cried when Ty and Rowena and Chelsea and Mike and (the list goes on) talked about their best friends, I cried when Taylor talked about himself, I cried when Katie talked to the freshmen, I cried when couples said "I love you," I cried during Stef and Chelsea's song, and when people told me things, and when I thought about Charlie Brown, and when Ebony gave her speech, and when Stef talked about how much she loved the place. I cried when Amy and I looked at each other and realized that we didn't look too much like Wayne and Garth anymore (rather, we looked like puffy tearmonsters of doom). I cried afterward, when I hugged people I knew well and not too well. I cried when I forgot things I wanted to say but never did. I cried because I won't see a lot of them again, and I cried because it matters to us now, but in a few months we won't really care.

So in summation, I'm a complete loser.

Incidentally, I also lost a lot of fluid.

Eh. Oh well. MPTC is (pretty much) a finished chapter in my life. A long chapter. One with pictures and tiny font.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

My hands smell like Tide.

I'd kill myself if my life were like The O.C., even though I like their clothes and Seth Cohen.

Whenever I'm in a funk, I spend my money on the most useless things. I bought a pair of earrings that are so mod-80's that some scenester will think I'm trying to fit in to the kids that can't be fit in with. I bought a scarf that has a bajillion different colors on it and still manages to match nothing in my closet. I also bought a coffee to keep myself awake to do physics even though coffee never keeps me awake and I wouldn't get any physics done anyway.

To top off my mediocre day, Osco seriously downsized their $1 flip-flop stock, which will greatly reduce the horribly-flimsy-footware department in my closet this summer. I was planning on spending $7 whole dollars tonight. There goes my wardrobe.

In one way or another, we're all drifting apart. Friends, stupid crushes, friends who have stupid crushes. Maybe I should detach now; after all, I am leaving in three months. Maybe the night before I leave I'll find everyone I've ever had a crush on and just tell them that. Maybe their nights would be a little better? Perhaps worse?

Too many stupid questions unanswered. Too much drama. Let's just get it over with and let it be.

At least I know how to do my laundry.

If anyone is really good at physics and willing to save a lost soul, please let me know. I'm looking for people to help me with my project. It's due a week from Friday and I haven't started building.

You may be rewarded with a) Teddy Grahams, b) money, or c) dinner at the restaurant of your choice (preferably one under $20 a plate).

Thank you for your time.

Monday, May 03, 2004

here's what i've done thus far on my senior ditch day:
-slept in
-grad invitations
-thought about my physics project
-called people
-dropped gerbilly on her head
-doted upon gerbilly so she doesn't hate me for dropping her
-ate a bunch of pasta
-bought more velveeta shells and cheese (on the stove now, almost ready for consumption)
-thought about doing stuff
-thought about cleaning my room
-found out i have to ride my bike to work this summer (suck)
-refused to get my dad's space shuttle van's air conditioning fixed
-killed a bunch of fruit flies
-laughed at stupid kids
-walked to fry's to buy a camera for flhs induction
-smiled because i don't have to work for three (or is it two?) consecutive days
-realized how boring i am when i'm by myself
-realized i'm to tired to care how boring i am when i'm by myself
-the end.

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