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Sunday, June 20, 2004

I'm really bored. And, according to a girl at work, "so cute in my little work hat! Aww!" But I digress.

Seriously, all I ever do anymore is digress. I can no longer write about a singular, wonderful topic that catches my interest.

I just came back from New York and I got this medal for writing and such, but the thing is- I'm worried. The thing that won it for me was this play I wrote so spontaneously that I had to read it over and over again after I was done to even believe that I'd actually produced something worthwile. It probably won't happen again, which is rather upsetting because there's a bar in my life now, and it's set quite high. Suck.

Pah. I try to write and then I just forget everything. That, and no one reads this anymore, except for Sunil and his various aliases (or so it seems...). What's the plural for "alias?" Aliai? Whatev, gurl.

Well. I think this disorder needs curing. So, no more weirdo-unnecessary topic changing or whatnot. I'm getting it out of my system. Now!

Disgressing Statements

Look at me, I think the world is conspiring against me: I am fodder for hatred. Yes. YOUR hatred.

Look at me, my summer isn't boring: I'm going to learn how to put pictures on my blog.

Look at me, I'm taking a stand in the political arena: I'm a democrat.

Look at me, I'm ambitious: I have 3 new goals: 1- to never own a car, 2- to have a Valentine on Valentine's Day, and 3- to never stop eating carbs.

Look at me and laugh: In order to keep my headphones on my head, I have to wrap it in first aid bandage gauze stuff.

Look at me, I'm a nonconformist: Thomas Jefferson sucks.

Look at me and take pity: I'm a thousand miles away from the boy who's supposed to burn me Ziggy Stardust AND Queen's Greatest Hits.


Maybe, in my next entry, I'll take one of these items and expand upon it. Maybe I won't. I'm so unpredictable, it just kills me. Laugh laugh laugh.

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