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Friday, September 03, 2004


not really. but i used to read a book with a similar title when i was like 6 years young.

and i took a three hour nap this afternoon and now i'm really bored and antisocial and shy-feeling but i have all this pent up energy. i've decided to eat chewy chips ahoy and read sylvia plath after i paper-journal about my day.

i went out tonight with some peeps i've met this week, namely nancy (real name: sean) who swears he's not gay but did see moulin rouge seven times in the theatres. he eats maraschino cherries whereas i let others eat them because i hate them. in spite of this, we get along. there were also a bunch of people there who seemed very confident. confident people always make me feel unsure of myself. on top of that, we all went to this communist part lecture mostly to laugh at it and also to get in fake arguments for other people to watch. it wasn't as fun as i'd hoped so i felt terribly disheartened about all sorts of things. they all went to karaoke; i came home and called my boy and wished he could be there to make arguing with the communists a little more colorful.

last night was better. i went down to the convention protest-area and stood with a bunch of people to try and meet ron reagan jr! oh em gee, he would be on my now-nonexistant boys to marry list mos def. i wanted to talk to him about stem cell research or his political affiliation or what his favorite cary grant movie is. but he only walked by and i could only scream out "I LOVE YOU, RON!" He didn't turn around.

So I wrote him a note and gave it to a guard standing outside the MSNBC trailer. He said he'd give it to him.

Yes, I know I started to capitalize my words somewhere in the last couple of paragraphs. No, I don't care that i'm ruining the parallel flow. Idiot.

So I saw all of those cable news personalities that matter: Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Terry MacAuliffe, Ron Silver (who?). Then I talked to Darrell Hammond, who was a guest on one of the shows. He was wearing a cowboy hat. He's pretty cool. I freaked out afterwards. Darrell Hammond! Genius!

So yeah, yesterday was better than today. Maybe tomorrow will be better as well.

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